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Sep 17, 2014

Fun night ahead with @i_am_seanfaris


Sep 15, 2014

Ashley Benson couldn’t be more excited to see her Pretty Little Liars co-star Janel Parrish compete on Dancing With the Stars this season.

In fact, Benson thinks Parrish, whose fan-favorite character Mona was just killed off the ABC Family hit drama, will make it all the way to the finals on the ABC competition series!

“I’m going to make my predictions right now: I think it’s going to be between Janel and that girl Bethany [Mota], because she has Derek [Hough as her pro] and he’ll always be there until the end,” Benson says in this E! News exclusive video.

There’s nothing more heartwarming or adorable than seeing costars supporting each other in new projects.

E! News exclusively revealed that Parrish was set to compete on season 19 of DWTS before the entire cast was revealed on Good Morning America. Parrish will compete against Back to the Future star Lea Thompson, Mean Girls hottie Jonathan Bennett, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Alfonso Ribeiro, and other stars this season, but Benson is confident that her co-star and friend has what it takes to win…as long as PLL fans vote!

“Please vote for Janel Parrish on Dancing With the Stars,” Benson says. “She’s awesome, and she deserves it, so let’s make her win!”

You hear that, PLL fans? Time to get voting, which you can do after Parrish makes her DWTS tonight on ABC!



Sep 13, 2014


Sep 12, 2014

Every year, “Pretty Little Liars” fans look forward to the annual Halloween episode. Between the Liars’ costumes and the extra-creepy plot, what’s not to love about them?

This year, though, Marlene King and the rest of the minds behind “PLL” are shaking things up. The 2014 Halloween episode, airing October 21, will instead feature clips from the previous four years and interviews with cast and crew. Janel Parrish, who plays Mona, described the special as a “fan love letter” to TV Fanatic.

In addition to Parrish, ABC Family tweeted last night that Ryan Merriman, Bryce Johnson, and Bianca Lawson, whose respective characters Ian, Detective Wilden, and Maya were all killed over the course of the first few seasons.

Fans with questions for the Liars can post them on the series’ official Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtag #PLLHalloween.

Bummed we’re not getting the standard Halloween special? Don’t fret — there’s still a holiday-themed episode on the way.

“I will be in the Christmas episode, which is like the new Halloween episode special, but it’s still an episode with lots of questions and answers so I’ll be in that,” Parrish said.

Parrish had revealed before that, following Mona’s murder, the character would appear in flashbacks during future episodes. It’s possible the entire Christmas special, title “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas’, will be a flashback, like the 2011 Halloween episode.

There’s no word on when exactly the Christmas episode will air, though it’s safe to assume it’ll be during ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas lineup.



Sep 11, 2014

Being a Pretty Little Liars fan is an exercise in patience. The PLL Powers That Be dole out answers in piecemeal portions. They give us crumbs, but never the whole cookie — that is, until they do. There are those occasional episodes that serve up a buffet of answers, and we think one may be right around the corner. What did PLL showrunner Marlene King just tweet about the reveal of “A”?

When asked via Twitter how long it would be until we learn “A”’s identity, Marlene answered:

“Closer than u think.”

Um, really? This seems too good to be true, but this answer is relatively straight-forward. (Unless you “think” we’ll learn who “A” is five years from now or, you know, never.) But, if we’re looking at this in practical terms, we think the “A” reveal will come in one of three episodes…

The Christmas special. As in: the very next episode! (If you don’t counting the fan appreciation Halloween special, which we do not.) Though we’ve never had a Christmas episode before, the Halloween episodes that the Christmas ep is replacing tend to give some epic answers. Heck, last Halloween we learned that Alison was alive. Given Marlene’s tweet, we’re thinking the “A” reveal could happen in this year’s holiday episode. Merry Christmas!

The winter premiere. Another traditional placement for big plot developments is season premieres. This is technically a mid-season premiere, but that doesn’t make it any less important. PLL will be looking to hook viewers for the rest of the winter season and delivering a killer “A” reveal could do just that.

The Season 5 finale. Of course, it could be smarter (if not more frustrating) to draw out this mystery through the winter season. Will the Liars discover “A”’s identity in the Season 5 finale?



Sep 11, 2014

Ready to get punched in the feels? Check out this photo from the Pretty Little Liars set that shows Janel Parrish (Mona Vanderwaal) and Ashley Benson (Hanna Marin) looking like BFFs while filming a flashback scene for Pretty Little Liars. It looks like we will be treated to an adorable flashback between Hanna and Mona when Pretty Little Liars returns. And just when we had stopped crying about Mona’s murder…

“Mona flashback day,” PLL writer Joseph Dougherty captioned an Instagram pic of Janel and Hanna looking snuggly in what looks like Mona’s bedroom. Sigh.

Don’t get us wrong: We’re overjoyed to know that Mona will be back in flashbacks, but it’s going to be so hard to watch these scenes knowing what Mona’s fate is. Then again: any Mona is better than no Mona!

And if we’re looking for happier times, we can always tune into Janel’s upcoming stint on Dancing With the Stars.
The PLLer will be one of 13 celebrity-professional pairing in Season 19 and we cannot to see her break out some killer moves. Janel got her start in musical theater, so we’re thinking she has a chance to go all the way. And if Mona can’t win PLL, then Janel sure as heck better win DWTS.



Sep 08, 2014

Sep 07, 2014

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Sep 06, 2014

For the past four seasons, “Pretty Little Liars” (PLL) looked forward to the extraordinarily creepy Halloween episodes every year, wherein more questions about A and the girls were left unanswered.

This year, the creators of PLL decided to break tradition and offer a Fans Appreciation episode instead of the usual spooky one that they have been doing since the show started.

The PLL Halloween Special Season 5 will feature Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shat Mitchell, as well as the other cast members in a one-hour episode.

Fans can ask the Liars questions by posting them on the official Pretty Little Liars Facebook page or by submitting them on Twitter using the special #PLLHalloween hashtag.

Fans can ask the cast anything, except about the real identity of A, of course.

Janel Parrish, the actress who plays the role of Mona Vanderwaal, talked about the upcoming Halloween Episode after her character died during the summer finale.

“The Halloween episode is a fan love letter from us where we show the last five years in clips and interviews with us.” Parrish said.

Meanwhile, in lieu of the usual spooky Halloween episode, creator Marlene King said that they are preparing a special Christmas episode, which Parrish further commented on by saying, “I will be in the Christmas episode, which is like the new Halloween episode special, but it’s still an episode with lots of questions and answers…”

The Christmas Special, written and directed by King herself, will be a first for the series. It will be titled “How The ‘A’ Stole Christmas,” and will feature a lot of scary stuff that the Liars will have to go through after Mona’s death. Seems like ‘A’ does not want the girls to have happy holidays this year, right? It will air sometime in December.

On the other hand, the PLL Halloween Special will be shown on Oct. 21. on ABC.



Sep 03, 2014

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